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Best Trading apps for every Indian traders

“To be a successful trader, One has to stay in tune with financial markets, even after Market hours.Trading apps are one the best ways to stay in tune with the financial markets”

In today’s world of high-frequency trading and speculative trading, the chance to profit without information advantage is becoming difficult.Traders, both personal and institutional are looking for the best ways to keep in track with financial information in a way that allows them to make profitable trades.

Trading apps are one the best ways to stay in tune with the financial markets, whether it’s day, night or Mid afternoons!! Even when you’re not in front of your computers. Trading apps will extend a Helping hand to stay with harmony of Nifty and Bank nifty!

Here are the top 6 best apps available for traders, to track financial markets

Yahoo finance App

Best trading apps for Every Indian Traders
TRACK REAL-TIME performance of any stock or index. For more in-depth analysis, flip your phone sideways and sift through vast amounts of data on any company you choose. I personally use this application to keep in touch with market updates and Financial News.

Stock Twits

Stock Twits
Stock twits are like Twitter for traders. Download this app to read in real-time what traders are doing in response to market conditions. You’ll find feeds from the well-respected investing firms and media outlets. Along with the Twitter-style feed, some traders also post charts and videos offering free technical analysis. If you’re a day or short-term trader, this is an app that’s suitable for you.


Stock Touch
Stocktouch allows users to watch the stock market in real-time with an impressive and easy-to-understand visualization of market data. Stocks are sortable alphabetically, by size, by market capitalization, by percentage gains and by volume. It is a powerful and comprehensive tool that takes advantage of mobile devices like no other stock market app. Users can zoom in and out or touch anywhere on the screen to gain more insight into market trends.

NSE Mobile Trading

NSE Mobile trading
NSE Mobile Trading app provides a revolutionary application suite featuring comprehensive trading and market monitoring platform. It offers real-time streaming quotes, with simple and user-friendly interface for all type of users. You can trade from anywhere and at any time. On the go with family vacations? Need to trade in times of Holidays? Check this one out..


Netdania App
This is one of my favorite apps. I use this every single day. This application provides an unprecedented market overview. A clean design with an easy to use interface, rocket fast response times and integrated localization makes it the best in the market. This application Superior interbank FX rates, real-time stock rates, live streaming charts, gold and silver rates, 20,000+ financial instruments, and live news from Market News on International and Domestic markets. Just try them once and you’ll never forget.


Trading Predator

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Balaji is a Speculator, Investor and Trader (All in All!!!) and self published author. Trading in the Markets since decade, have seen more ups and downs along with institutional trader's lifestyle. He usually trades Nifty, Bank Nifty, Commodities, Futures cum Options around both Indian and global Markets. Balaji applies highly analytical and systematic Price Action strategies He blogs passionately about Trading strategies, Price Action Trading, Technical analysis, Macro events, Market setups, Financial and Economical topics. Apart from Trading and Blogging, Balaji also mentors aspiring Traders and Investors on becoming successful in highly competitive financial Markets.

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