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IDFC Bank Stock | Price action analysis indicates the Panic Selling

IDFC Bank Shares – Prices Are In Correction Phase

By Trading Predator November 30th, 2016 No Comments

Recent Selloff’s in banking sector is due to Share holders rushing to exit their previously held positions. Panic correction which resulted because of Demonetization is creating hand to hand discount in stock Prices. Long term Investors can look for fundamentally sound stocks (such as Multibagger), acquire them for a bargain in these conditions. IDFC is

Silver Traders Beware – Signs of Re distribution shows the possibility of a Shake out

Silver Trading | Market is Looking to Shakeout Weak Hand Traders

By Trading Predator November 23rd, 2016 No Comments

US Dollar is stealing the spot light in Global markets, Surprise selloff in Commodities and sudden strengthening of dollar caught many traders by surprise. Silver prices are reflecting the current sentiment that is wide-spread in markets. Silver ended the previous week around 16.60 – Lowest weekly closing over the period of 6 months. Price action

Nifty | Keep your focus on Price action around Psychological Level 8000.00

Nifty Price Action Trading | Volatile Days Ahead

By Trading Predator November 18th, 2016 No Comments

As we see constant changes in Geopolitics and Government policies, Stock market is reflecting these changes through uncertainty and Pessimism. Recent Policy shifts of Indian government are having a major impact on sectors such as Real estate, IT and Banking Industry. Nifty tumbled from last few weeks and Investors are rushing to liquidate their existing