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gold price action

Gold – Price action short-term trading setup on 30 min

By Trading Predator April 5th, 2016 No Comments

Gold is trading in a Rigid Structure. Higher time frame price action is more volatile, which makes it hard to find valid trading setups. For a while, I will focus on lower time frame to find opportunities. This is a 30 Min chart of Gold in International spot market, Current price value is 1226.75$ Following

Picture of Bank Nifty Market structure analysis

Bank Nifty – Watch Shorter time frame Price action

By Trading Predator April 4th, 2016 No Comments

Interesting developments are taking place in Bank Nifty futures. Traders should focus on current Resistance zone 15600 – 16500. Global shares held firm due to Dovish comments from FED which underpinned investors risk sentiment. Hedge funds are betting heavily on emerging market currencies such as Indian Rupee and Malaysian Ringgit. After Breaking the Key level

Crude oil top or bottom

Crude Oil – What’s happening with Price action?

By Trading Predator March 31st, 2016 No Comments

If you’re a crude oil trader, it’s no wonder you’ll be puzzled by recent price action. Unanticipated traps, successive selloffs followed by strong rise, unexpected volatility and changing market structure are confusing market participants. The question is – Have crude oil really bottomed? Or is it another trap to liquidate weak hand players? For answers

Nifty Price action technical analysis

Nifty – uncertain at resistance zone, Traders should focus on price action

By Trading Predator March 23rd, 2016 No Comments

Recent developments in Nifty are still intact with my previous update. Market participants are focusing on Economic reports and global developments. Geopolitical uncertainty casts some doubt on global shares and stock indices. The resistance zone around 7500.00 – 7600.00 is tested and still the price action is not clear. In terms of fundamentals, economic reports

gold price action

Gold – Market picture becomes visible on Daily chart

By Trading Predator March 18th, 2016 No Comments

Recent rise in gold prices has baffled a lot of investors, multiple reasons are touted for recent gains such as FED, Safe heaven appeal etc. Gold bugs are rejoicing the move as major bottom. But before getting influenced by any of these stories, let’s see what price action tells us about yellow metal. From the