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9 months of rally might follow a stock market correction

3 Best Indications for Identifying Stock market Top or Peak

By Trading Predator April 25th, 2017 No Comments

In a bullish trend, if every investor expects a further rise in stock prices, the thought of reversal or a correction wouldn’t worry much. But it’s a reason for prudent trader to become cautious. Experienced Investors and traders will understand this phenomenon better; and will stay focused on their trading without getting carried away by

Practice, Experience and Performance is necessary to be a Trader

Some simple realistic factors that every trader should know

By Trading Predator April 4th, 2017 No Comments

Becoming a trader is a simple professional goal, but not an easy one! Aspiring traders go through lot of ups and downs; many give up in-between, while few survive the rough roads. One of the main problem for many traders (both experienced and novice) is that, they don’t pay attention to reality or do independent

Bombay dyeing share prices are down by 30 % from 5 years

Why picking Stocks only on Brand and Capitalization fails ?

By Trading Predator March 24th, 2017 No Comments

The “old is gold” phrase doesn’t work well in the investment market, as an example- these are 5 firms which are registered on BSE in 19th century. (when the historic Revolt of 1857 took place.) Hardly few people knew these stocks are so old like 19th century. For last three to five years, as per

Share Buybacks from Big companies

Why do companies Buyback their Own shares ?

By Trading Predator February 24th, 2017 No Comments

Shareholders get excited about the news of share buyback, (As Happened with TCS) but have you ever thought why a Company would give away its capital margins back to the shareholders? It may seem little counter-intuitive as the capital is accumulated at first by selling equity and preference shares. Then why would a company buy

How to be a Successful Trader in Stocks, Forex or commodity trading

How to be a Successful Trader? It’s all about Mindset!

By Trading Predator February 9th, 2017 No Comments

What does it takes successful Trader? Is it Possible to be a Successful Trader? What are the ways to be a successful trader in stock market? Well, many traders both experienced and novice players often find themselves asking these questions either to themselves or to others! If you’re one of them, you haven’t understood trading