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Price action forms a trading range within the downtrend in Hindalco share prices

Hindalco Price Action – Minor Range within the trend

By Trading Predator April 9th, 2018 No Comments

Hindalco Share prices are consistently making lower lows since Jan 2018. Market prices tumbled from the high 280 and share prices are trading somewhere close to 220. Downtrend is spanning from 3 months, hence as per Dow Theory it’s an intermediate trend. The market structure is clearly traceable on 4 h chart, within the period

Traders must focus on the corrective consolidation (pullback) on weekly chart

Copper | Focus on Corrective consolidation in weekly chart

By Trading Predator April 13th, 2017 No Comments

After making new highs in the beginning of this year, a correction is intact on copper. Traders should focus on this corrective consolidation (visible clearly in weekly chart) to capture the next impulsive movement when price action expands out of the range. The correction we see now is a result of earlier upswing from 1.900

Climatic Price action Pattern in Delta corp share prices on Daily chart

Delta Corp Price action Testing the Resistance at 200.00

By Trading Predator April 4th, 2017 No Comments

Delta corp share prices are flirting with resistance level 200.00, which also an psychological round number. From the beginning of this year, stock was in underlying bullish tone. The positive sentiment was further reinforced by regular fundamental news and events. Price action made higher highs, Shares rallied from 95.00 to 200.00 within a span of

Axis Bank - Will the uptrend continue or reverse

Axis Bank – Is it a New Uptrend or Temporary fluctuation?

By Trading Predator March 8th, 2017 No Comments

Axis Bank share prices are making higher highs. We are seeing a correction or retracement above 500.00 (a notable psychological round number and key level). Well previous retracements which tested the trend resulted in trend continuation – Will the same happens this time? Since the beginning of this year, Investors are quite optimistic on this

Gold prices is still in corrective phase despite seasonality factors

Gold Price Action Trading – Is the Metal Really Shining

By Trading Predator October 24th, 2016 No Comments

The precious metal Gold is disappointing the Gold Bugs as well as traders like you and me. Looking at the 4hr chart of Comex gold (The analysis is also applicable for MCX Gold Trading), we see the bears persisting and absence of bulls. Will the situation change as we move towards Diwali demand? Or is