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Crude Oil Price action analysis on 4h chart shows accumulation Phase

Crude Oil – Tug of war between Bulls and Bears with a mix of Macro factors

By Trading Predator August 23rd, 2018 No Comments

Again in the energy segment, Crude Oil is taking the spot light. Recent Inventory reports and US – Iran sanction drama has kept the Investors astray on Oil prices. Global Crude Oil benchmarks posted a fourth straight gain matching its longest short-term rally since July 20. But still in the Intermediate time frame, Oil prices

Is it a breakout retest or BOF setup ?

Crude Oil – Watch for Breakout or BOF Setup

By Trading Predator May 12th, 2017 No Comments

Crude oil is still on my favorite watch list, since I am not writing about black gold from few weeks, I get constant calls and follow-up from visitors who are curious about my outlook on Oil prices. Some even questioned whether I trade Crude oil or not! Here’s my answer for all those curious folks

Prices struck in a long range and trapped many traders

Crude oil – What’s next after Breakout Failure?

By Trading Predator March 29th, 2017 No Comments

So far Speculative positions are driving Crude Oil Price action, especially preceding the breakout failure around 51.50. From the beginning of 2017, Bulls tried to pass through the resistance level 51.50. Several data from media outlets, news portals kept blubbering about large chunks of bullish positioning by big funds. On the other hand, optimistic production

MCX Crude Oil | Position adjustment are driving price action lower

Crude Oil | Price Action Falls after Crude Oil Inventory Surges

By Trading Predator November 3rd, 2016 No Comments

By looking at the Price action in 4h chart of MCX Crude oil (now trading at 3042.00), we can spot the bearish signs flashing through. Prices started consolidating since the beginning of October and in the start of November crude oil sold off rapidly. This is third time, Market failed to sustain above the most

Crude oil Price action Technical analysis

Crude Oil Technical analysis | A shift in Price behavior

By Trading Predator August 27th, 2016 No Comments

Crude Oil trading near $47 per barrel as rumors about output freeze takes toll once again. Prices bounced after state news reported that Iran oil Minister would attend the informal meeting on Algiers next month. Hopes for supply side accord is pushing oil prices higher from last couple of days. As I mentioned on earlier