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How to be a Successful Trader in Stocks, Forex or commodity trading

How to be a Successful Trader? It’s all about Mindset!

By Trading Predator February 9th, 2017 No Comments

What does it takes successful Trader? Is it Possible to be a Successful Trader? What are the ways to be a successful trader in stock market? Well, many traders both experienced and novice players often find themselves asking these questions either to themselves or to others! If you’re one of them, you haven’t understood trading

To be profitable in Day trading - Follow these guidelines

Break even in Day Trading ? Follow these Guidelines to be Profitable

By Trading Predator October 22nd, 2016 1 Comment

Are you worried that you are barely breaking even in your day trading? Another day has gone by and you have worked around the clock. Make no mistake of losing money, rest assured you are not alone. Break even is a significant trading milestone. To be profitable is to make more than you spend. If

Trading support and resistance

Trading support and resistance – A short Guide

By Trading Predator November 30th, 2015 No Comments

Whether you need to improve your trading performance, or need a foundation for your trading style, You need to use Support and resistance in your Trading Strategy. It will improve your trading results and you’ll be able to notice those changes. Integrating support and resistance is not a complicated technique. It’s very effective and simple