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Nifty 50 Price action is driven by the intermarket relationship of USDINR

Nifty 50 Traders Must Pay Attention to This Price action Chart

By Trading Predator March 13th, 2019 No Comments

In earlier contents, several times I have emphasized about the Intermarket relationship between USD/INR and Nifty 50. In our proprietary trading strategies we combine Intermarket analysis with Price action to take short-term and swing trading decisions. So when we find any trading setups in Nifty 50, we always cross check the price action of USD/INR.

Trading Gold in 2017

What’s up for 2017 | Trading Outlook on Markets

By Trading Predator December 22nd, 2016 No Comments

2016 is a significant year with a lot of Geopolitical changes. In my experience, trading 2016 was challenging and profitable. Ending the year on a Positive record is a pleasant feeling. Despite having a couple of losses, our books delivered good returns overall. Not all traders might had good experience and the same privilege, if


Bank Nifty | Price action is trading near last year’s high what’s next?

By Trading Predator September 7th, 2016 No Comments

Bank shares rose to their highest in 20 months, Price action is so close to 2015 high at 21000.00 due to spectacular performance of major companies in banking sector. Foreign investments are the main reason behind these price movements. It’s also important to note that foreign investors bought these shares amid the rebalancing of MSCI

Nifty Price action trading

Nifty will be driven by RBI and Fundamental Factors

By Trading Predator August 22nd, 2016 No Comments

Indian stock markets are reigning in uncertainty as Investors are longing to know the outlook and vision of newly appointed RBI Governor Dr. Urjit Patel. Nifty didn’t react optimistically as expected in response to Modi government announcing the appointment of new governor. Instead Price action continued to trade in cautious mood. Markets will most likely


Nifty traders – Mind the price Gaps

By Trading Predator June 27th, 2016 No Comments

Brexit events triggered risk off trades in emerging markets. The effect on safe heaven assets such as gold, silver and Japanese yen is repercussion. Nifty followed the track of other emerging indices was starkly dominated by liquidity factors and positioning imbalances. FII flows – USD/INR will give better picture on Investor’s sentiment. In exception, Price