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Infosys Stock Price Action showed failure at swing high before Q2 Results

Infosys Price Action – Q2 Results and Changing Market Structure

By Trading Predator October 19th, 2018 No Comments

Infosys released their Q2 results in which they’ve reported 13.8% growth in consolidated profits (much of it has to do with foreign inflows). In the recent market turmoil, some sectors like IT, Manufacturing etc., didn’t suffered much Impact. Probably it has to do with their dependency on Dollar revenue, as higher dollar prices kept their

Infosys Price action reverses at end of the year

Infosys – Bulls Challenging the Down Trend

By Trading Predator December 31st, 2016 No Comments

From June 2016 till Mid November Infosys share prices tumbled. Price value fell from 1280 to 900 per share. The primary reason for the selloff is poor fundamentals, negative growth and decline in overseas market. Investors’ confidence in India’s second largest IT software service exporter was shaken off. Downtrend continued as a result and Market