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Price Action Trend Reversal Attempt within the Long term Trend

Vedanta Price Action analysis on Long term trend – Reversal Attempts

By Trading Predator May 30th, 2018 No Comments

Some radical changes are taking place in Vedanta share prices. Long term trend plays a major role in Stock Analysis. Any changes in long-term trend can influence the market behavior and Price action on all time frames. That’s the case in Vedanta stock prices. Since beginning of 2018, shares tumbled from the high of 350.

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Crude Oil – So technicals will drive the price action!

By Trading Predator June 10th, 2016 No Comments

Things change so do crude oil prices! Well when talking about crude oil prices many importing countries (including India) are living in a kind of invalid belief that “New Crude oil price forever”. Crude oil importing countries are not considering possibility of higher prices or at least consequences of rising crude oil prices – it’s