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Price action Breakout formation in Gold prices

Gold – Price action Breakout from the Range

By Trading Predator May 31st, 2018 No Comments

After some extended movement in previous months, most of the commodities are trading in no man’s land. Gold on the other hand is showing a different behavior, looks like range expansion move is just getting started. After 5 months of consistent Range bound activity, gold prices finally broke out from structural support zone at 1305

Gold Price action Consolidating below the multi month resistance zone

MCX Gold Price action – Brief Consolidation near Resistance zone

By Trading Predator March 8th, 2018 No Comments

After testing the multi month resistance zone at 1370 – 1360, (I have pointed many times in previous articles that support and resistance are zones, not levels) Gold Price action is consolidating briefly near that resistance zone since the beginning of Feb 2018. Though Prices are tumbling down, both bulls and bears are in a

FTH Price action Trading setup in Gold

Gold Trading | Shall we go with the Trend or Against the Trend

By Trading Predator January 24th, 2017 No Comments

The precious Yellow metal is recent talk in the town. From the beginning of 2017 till to date, Price is rising sharply. Gold is currently trading around 1220.00 in International Spot market. (Pretty much the Movements in MCX and Spot market are same) We have a counter trend trading setup on Gold in 4h chart.

Market sentiment is Bearish

Gold Trading | Look for Pullbacks and Weak rallies to Capitalize

By Trading Predator November 15th, 2016 No Comments

Volatile moves in Gold are creating a sense of uncertainty among Market Participants. Since most traders expected gold to rise after Donald Trump’s victory, instead the opposite is happening now, they got trapped in the markets and their rush to liquidate their existing positions is what driving the prices lower. Market Psychology of Gold itself

Gold prices is still in corrective phase despite seasonality factors

Gold Price Action Trading – Is the Metal Really Shining

By Trading Predator October 24th, 2016 No Comments

The precious metal Gold is disappointing the Gold Bugs as well as traders like you and me. Looking at the 4hr chart of Comex gold (The analysis is also applicable for MCX Gold Trading), we see the bears persisting and absence of bulls. Will the situation change as we move towards Diwali demand? Or is