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Nifty 50 - Price Action forms pullback setup in 4h chart

Nifty 50 – Outlook on the Price Action setup and Trapped Market Participants

By Trading Predator April 10th, 2019 No Comments

Sometimes Human mind is so biased that it misses the big picture and simply focuses on the unimportant minor details. That’s the case with Nifty 50, as the Index prices are falling from last couple of days, most of the traders and analysts are paying too much attention to these minor fluctuations. Many have ignored

Nifty Price action shows a stalemate between bulls and bears

Nifty Price action – Stalemate between Bulls and Bears

By Trading Predator April 2nd, 2018 No Comments

Nifty Price action is becoming more random and hard to predict in recent days, primarily it has to do with Geopolitical jittery and Investor sentiment. It’s a bit hard to understand the current structure and scenario without referring the charts. Here’s the recent Price action of Nifty 50 on Daily chart. Nifty Price Action Analysis

Nifty | Keep your focus on Price action around Psychological Level 8000.00

Nifty Price Action Trading | Volatile Days Ahead

By Trading Predator November 18th, 2016 No Comments

As we see constant changes in Geopolitics and Government policies, Stock market is reflecting these changes through uncertainty and Pessimism. Recent Policy shifts of Indian government are having a major impact on sectors such as Real estate, IT and Banking Industry. Nifty tumbled from last few weeks and Investors are rushing to liquidate their existing

Nifty Price action trading

Nifty Trading – Focus rests on Decision point at 9000.00

By Trading Predator September 19th, 2016 No Comments

Round numbers are sometime significant for traders, since markets have large tendency to play around them especially oscillating back and forth before taking a clear direction. Nifty trading in such a scenario, Price action is slightly below the Round number 9000.00 – there’s a large tendency on prices to test it. Nifty already offered ample

Nifty Price action trading

Nifty will be driven by RBI and Fundamental Factors

By Trading Predator August 22nd, 2016 No Comments

Indian stock markets are reigning in uncertainty as Investors are longing to know the outlook and vision of newly appointed RBI Governor Dr. Urjit Patel. Nifty didn’t react optimistically as expected in response to Modi government announcing the appointment of new governor. Instead Price action continued to trade in cautious mood. Markets will most likely