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Price action at Next Support zone is the temporary hope for bulls

Bank Nifty Price action – Next Support zone is the temporary hope for Bulls

By Trading Predator February 21st, 2018 No Comments

Market prices are always driven two by major emotions called as “Greed” and “Fear”, Out of the two Fear is more powerful than greed. Price action of Bank nifty is a recent example of this adage! In the last month (that’s during Jan 2018) Bank Nifty rallied from 24800 to an all-time high of 27600.

Bank Nifty price action analysis


By Trading Predator October 27th, 2015 2 Comments

More fundamental reasons support these choppy price action,Year end is just couple of months away. We had no more or less activity in October. DESCRIPTION – TECHNICAL ANALYSIS As you can see the chart, Bank Nifty is trading around potential resistance zone, which is between 17800- 18000. It is a Key level which might provide