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SBI Shares - Price action has formed failed Breakout Formation in Mean reversion Structure

SBI Shares Price action – Failed Breakout and Mean reversion Structure

By Trading Predator June 15th, 2018 No Comments

For almost 8 months, SBI Share prices are trading in a narrow Sideways Market condition also referred as Mean Reversion. A structure in which Range bound strategies and non – directional volatility techniques works out well. Average mean value of the Stock is 300; prices are constantly fluctuating up and down within this mean value.

SBI Price action and Momentum is divergining

State Bank Price Action – A Shift in Market Momentum

By Trading Predator March 23rd, 2018 No Comments

From last couple of Weeks, Most of the stocks are exhibiting a tendency for either trend continuation or Trend reversal. My previous two articles were also based on Trend analysis. This time it’s about the downtrend in 4h chart of India’s largest public sector lender – SBI or State Bank of India. SBI Price Action

SBI shares trading in a Range since August

SBI – Range Trading Persists in the Stock, Brace Volatility

By Trading Predator December 14th, 2016 No Comments

As we all know, SBI share prices are struck in consolidation 240 – 280.00. The range is persisting since August; I updated multiple times back then to look for a range trading opportunity. It can be either range breakout opportunity or Range holding opportunity. Intraday traders could’ve missed it, because they don’t consider the larger


SBI Share Price Action Testing the Conviction of Buyers

By Trading Predator October 5th, 2016 No Comments

SBI Share prices are in uptrend since from March, Market rallied from 150.00 to 270.00 over the horizon of 7 months. Currently the price value stands at 263.00 per share. Recent RBI rate cut is a positive reason for banks, as lending grows due to lower interest rates. Merger proposal by SBI to merge six