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Price action Breakout formation in Gold prices

Gold – Price action Breakout from the Range

By Trading Predator May 31st, 2018 No Comments

After some extended movement in previous months, most of the commodities are trading in no man’s land. Gold on the other hand is showing a different behavior, looks like range expansion move is just getting started. After 5 months of consistent Range bound activity, gold prices finally broke out from structural support zone at 1305

IDFC Bank - Expecting a Price action trading setup at 59.50 - 58.00

IDFC Bank | Expect a Trading opportunity at key level 59.50

By Trading Predator May 22nd, 2017 No Comments

Sellers trying to gain upper hand in IDFB, Bears have already made multiple attempts to crack below the key support level 59.50. Look at the chart above (included with my price action analysis), its easy to spot the scenario. In the beginning of 2017 stock prices rallied a bit, but soon the sentiment changed its

Natural Gas trading at an Important Support level - Watch the Price Action

Natural Gas is Trading at Important Key level 2.500

By Trading Predator February 22nd, 2017 No Comments

From the Beginning of 2017 till now, Natural Gas (NG) has fallen sharply. In Jan 2017, Prices were at 4.000 – now it’s trading at 2.500! A deep sell off that wiped almost 30% of earlier gains. Currently the Price action is hovering around important support level 2.500. Reaction of buying and selling pressure from