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Price action in daily chart point out the over extended trend

Nickel Price action indicates the Overextended Trend in Metals

By Trading Predator September 12th, 2017 No Comments

Geopolitical jitters influenced Institutions to park their liquidity into Base metals and other safe heaven assets. Nickel is one of those assets that benefited from “run to safe heaven behavior”. Nickel prices rallied from 575 to 790 during the period of June – September (within 5 months). The Uptrend we are witnessing in daily chart

Gold price action (1)

Gold – What is driving the Price action?

By Trading Predator September 9th, 2016 No Comments

September is a surprising month for commodity traders, Price Action of Gold, Silver, Crude oil are moving unexpected and less predictable. Gold’s performance diverged from the market structure, yet long-term price behavior still intact. The strength of the dollar is a driving reason for gold prices from last few weeks; evidentially prices fell on Thursday