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To understand the Price action of Nifty, focus on Intermarket relationship of USDINR and Nifty50

Trying to find bottom in Nifty 50? Better watch the Price action of USDINR

By Trading Predator November 6th, 2018 No Comments

After a drastic fall from 11800 to 10000, Surprisingly Nifty 50 is rallying back from last two weeks. It rose almost 550 points from the low of 10,000. Just zoom into the lower time frame chart of 30 min or 1h; you can see a stable uptrend. Nifty 50 | Stable Uptrend in 30 min

USD-INR Price action analysis

USD/INR Technicals | Foreign investors driving the price action

By Trading Predator July 27th, 2016 No Comments

Price swings in USD/INR have dropped in fastest pace aftermath Brexit due to strong inflows into Indian assets. Foreigners are investing in Indian bonds and debt instruments because of strong monsoon which eased inflation expectations and India’s appeal as highest yield provider among major Asian Markets. 10 year government bonds attracted foreign inflows following Brexit

USD-INR Technical analysis

USD/INR | Monitor the breakout at 67.10

By Trading Predator July 13th, 2016 No Comments

Indian Rupee fell to 68.75 a dollar in February, near an all time low of 68.84. After Indian government’s budget announcement which helped revive investor confidence in local assets made prices rally 2.4 percent since then. In the perspective of trade mark exchange rate USD/INR, the currency pair has broke out and retesting the support


Nifty traders – Mind the price Gaps

By Trading Predator June 27th, 2016 No Comments

Brexit events triggered risk off trades in emerging markets. The effect on safe heaven assets such as gold, silver and Japanese yen is repercussion. Nifty followed the track of other emerging indices was starkly dominated by liquidity factors and positioning imbalances. FII flows – USD/INR will give better picture on Investor’s sentiment. In exception, Price

Less liquid instruments

Do you trade USD/INR, less liquid stocks or instruments? Read this it’s very important!

By Trading Predator June 10th, 2016 No Comments

If you’re trading currency futures (USD/INR or any currencies) then you need to take this fact into consideration. It’s very important if you’re a technical trader or price action trader. Many will neglect these subtle aspects which reduces trading edge of their trading strategies into ashes. Alright many of us hate mysteries so let me