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ICICI Bank share prices trading near structural point 330.00

3 Stocks in Price action Setups watch list

By Trading Predator June 5th, 2017 No Comments

These 3 stocks will be in my watch list for coming days. We can expect some potential swing trading and positional trading setups from these stocks. As usual, these are not stock picks instead we patiently watch for specific Price action patterns formation in these stocks and take trades accordingly. To gently remind “Price action

Gold Price action is driven by Escalating Korean tensions

What is driving the Gold Prices?

By Trading Predator May 30th, 2017 No Comments

The precious metal is riding on a bullish tone from couple of weeks. Prices are rallying from the beginning of May, what’s the reason behind Gold Prices? Is it seasonal factors or Indication of bottom? Is it finally a time to put gold back into asset portfolios? Will the prices fall from here again? Like

Global indices are making highs as well

Nifty 50 is an Interesting Price action to Observe

By Trading Predator May 26th, 2017 No Comments

Higher highs followed by minor correction and sudden rallies (Crowd buyers in rush) – these are the Price action characteristics of Nifty 50 (since March 2017). It defied many analyst calls for overvalued markets and correction. This single instance proves how tough it can be to predict the markets! It’s always a losing proposition, As

IDFC Bank - Expecting a Price action trading setup at 59.50 - 58.00

IDFC Bank | Expect a Trading opportunity at key level 59.50

By Trading Predator May 22nd, 2017 No Comments

Sellers trying to gain upper hand in IDFB, Bears have already made multiple attempts to crack below the key support level 59.50. Look at the chart above (included with my price action analysis), its easy to spot the scenario. In the beginning of 2017 stock prices rallied a bit, but soon the sentiment changed its

Is it a breakout retest or BOF setup ?

Crude Oil – Watch for Breakout or BOF Setup

By Trading Predator May 12th, 2017 No Comments

Crude oil is still on my favorite watch list, since I am not writing about black gold from few weeks, I get constant calls and follow-up from visitors who are curious about my outlook on Oil prices. Some even questioned whether I trade Crude oil or not! Here’s my answer for all those curious folks