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Axis Bank - Will the uptrend continue or reverse

Axis Bank – Is it a New Uptrend or Temporary fluctuation?

By Trading Predator March 8th, 2017 No Comments

Axis Bank share prices are making higher highs. We are seeing a correction or retracement above 500.00 (a notable psychological round number and key level). Well previous retracements which tested the trend resulted in trend continuation – Will the same happens this time? Since the beginning of this year, Investors are quite optimistic on this

Sharp breakout in Reliance stock prices makes correction a possiblity

Reliance Industries | It’s better to wait for a correction instead on Jumping in right now

By Trading Predator March 5th, 2017 No Comments

Reliance Industries (RELI) stock prices made new highs after a breakout from key resistance level at 1150.00 on Mid February. When we analyze the Price action that preceded the breakout, it’s obvious to notice the impulsive behavior and high volume movement. Though long term fundamentals are good for Reliance (especially due to Jio effect), the

Silver, its better for clarity in Price Action and trading setup

Silver – Are the Bulls Losing momentum?

By Trading Predator March 1st, 2017 No Comments

The Market structure in Silver is a Price channel ( in 4h chart). Even though the momentum was strong in the beginning of Feb 2017, soon bulls started feeling the heat of Market volatility. As a result, buying pressure got weak and contrarians (Traders who play counter trend) took it to their advantage. When we

Share Buybacks from Big companies

Why do companies Buyback their Own shares ?

By Trading Predator February 24th, 2017 No Comments

Shareholders get excited about the news of share buyback, (As Happened with TCS) but have you ever thought why a Company would give away its capital margins back to the shareholders? It may seem little counter-intuitive as the capital is accumulated at first by selling equity and preference shares. Then why would a company buy

Natural Gas trading at an Important Support level - Watch the Price Action

Natural Gas is Trading at Important Key level 2.500

By Trading Predator February 22nd, 2017 No Comments

From the Beginning of 2017 till now, Natural Gas (NG) has fallen sharply. In Jan 2017, Prices were at 4.000 – now it’s trading at 2.500! A deep sell off that wiped almost 30% of earlier gains. Currently the Price action is hovering around important support level 2.500. Reaction of buying and selling pressure from