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Price action traders should look to capitalize on Bearish continuation setups

Tata Motors DV – Focus Rests on Price Action after trend line break

By Trading Predator November 7th, 2016 No Comments

Following my earlier update on Tata Motors DV share prices, Market has broken the long-term uptrend line which was intact since February 2016. As I pointed out before, the moves are reflection of Long term investors exiting their positions due to uncertainty in Tata Conglomerate. My current Price Action Trading analysis on the stock provides

MCX Crude Oil | Position adjustment are driving price action lower

Crude Oil | Price Action Falls after Crude Oil Inventory Surges

By Trading Predator November 3rd, 2016 No Comments

By looking at the Price action in 4h chart of MCX Crude oil (now trading at 3042.00), we can spot the bearish signs flashing through. Prices started consolidating since the beginning of October and in the start of November crude oil sold off rapidly. This is third time, Market failed to sustain above the most

Price action Trading | MCX Share prices are corrective since October 2016

MCX Shares are in Correction Following a Strong Breakout

By Trading Predator November 2nd, 2016 2 Comments

Following a strong Impulsive Breakout in the September (the move which lasted till the beginning of October) Price action turned into corrective structure composed of small candles lacking momentum and liquidity. Pullback Failure at 1400.00 forced retail investors to exit the positions creating a corrective selloff in the month of October. The correction may last

Tata Steels Share Price | Price Action is Diverged from Fundamentals

4 Stocks to Watch For Price Action Trading in Coming Weeks

By Trading Predator October 31st, 2016 No Comments

As we approach the beginning of November, Market volatility increases sharply before shutting down on December due to Market holidays. During this period traders can expect, High probability opportunities especially for swing trading and short-term trading. Successful trading is not just about finding proper entry or exit levels, it’s more than that. Time plays an