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SBI Price action Trading Analysis | Market broke out the High of Range

SBI Share Prices | Interesting Case of Distribution Failure

By Trading Predator November 17th, 2016 No Comments

Demonetization Scheme launched by Indian government has radically altered the banking sector and perception of Investors. Stocks that once considered being risky will get a stellar boost due to upcoming changes in Balance sheet. SBI shares were trading in a volatile range between 245.00 -265.00 from last 3 months. After announcing the Demonetization of 1000’s

Market sentiment is Bearish

Gold Trading | Look for Pullbacks and Weak rallies to Capitalize

By Trading Predator November 15th, 2016 No Comments

Volatile moves in Gold are creating a sense of uncertainty among Market Participants. Since most traders expected gold to rise after Donald Trump’s victory, instead the opposite is happening now, they got trapped in the markets and their rush to liquidate their existing positions is what driving the prices lower. Market Psychology of Gold itself

Pin bar formation or Price Rejection at the support level shows the sign of Buying Activity

Crude Oil Trading | Prices Holding at Support zone after Pin Bar Formation

By Trading Predator November 11th, 2016 No Comments

Crude Oil is the talk in Wall street, as Trump presidency soon to be established and OPEC still reluctant to cut any production even after agreeing informally. Upcoming Geopolitical factors will have tremendous impact on Oil prices and Traders must and should focus on policy moves of OPEC and Trump and its potential result on

Price action traders can look for trend or counter trend trading opportunities

Axis Bank – Is it a Bear Market or Intermediate Correction ?

By Trading Predator November 8th, 2016 No Comments

Axis Bank share prices are selling off from the beginning of September and I have written multiple articles tracking on the stock based on each development. To highlight the current market structure, I have used Heiken ashi candles (which is highly helpful for reading Price action with the absence of noisy fluctuations). In this content

Price action traders should look to capitalize on Bearish continuation setups

Tata Motors DV – Focus Rests on Price Action after trend line break

By Trading Predator November 7th, 2016 No Comments

Following my earlier update on Tata Motors DV share prices, Market has broken the long-term uptrend line which was intact since February 2016. As I pointed out before, the moves are reflection of Long term investors exiting their positions due to uncertainty in Tata Conglomerate. My current Price Action Trading analysis on the stock provides