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Copper Price action trading higher after the news on Supply chain disruptions

Will the Breakout in Copper Sustain For Coming days ?

By Trading Predator December 15th, 2016 No Comments

Known as the stethoscope of Global economic measure, Dr. Copper saw good momentum on last few weeks. Prices rallied from 2.10 to 2.50 within a matter of five too six weeks. When we see from the perspective of Price action trading, (on weekly chart) Yearly low is at key level 2.00 (tested in the beginning

SBI shares trading in a Range since August

SBI – Range Trading Persists in the Stock, Brace Volatility

By Trading Predator December 14th, 2016 No Comments

As we all know, SBI share prices are struck in consolidation 240 – 280.00. The range is persisting since August; I updated multiple times back then to look for a range trading opportunity. It can be either range breakout opportunity or Range holding opportunity. Intraday traders could’ve missed it, because they don’t consider the larger

Crude Oil Price action discounted the OPEC news

Is Oil Prices Setting stage for a Retreat in 2017 ?

By Trading Predator December 9th, 2016 No Comments

OPEC producers, despite the obstacles agreed to limit the crude oil production and the oil prices sustained. Now the Question is “Will the OPEC Decision stabilize oil prices in 2017?” Morgan Stanley forecasts rise in the U.S. shale drilling and investment from Asia to the North Sea limiting oil’s upside while Goldman Sachs Group Inc

Price action shows an accumulation failure in CROM

Crompton Greaves Shares | Price Action May Retest Failed Accumulation

By Trading Predator December 8th, 2016 No Comments

Crompton greaves (CROM) is trading lower from the beginning of December. Shares fell on the back of heavy volume. Negative sentiment is persisting since September 2016 (Look at my price action trading analysis on Daily chart) the recent selloff has intensified that negative sentiment. The restructuring balance sheet and debt reduction are main factors attributed