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Crude oil top or bottom

Crude oil Technical analysis – What’s going with the black gold?

By Trading Predator March 2nd, 2016 No Comments

Crude oil is consistently confusing traders, Price action on the daily chart is in range bound corrective – market structure. Whereas in monthly time frame, crude oil is testing an important support level 26.00, that’s under the radar of Institutional investors and traders. Any moves will be significant on monthly time frame. Looking from a

Nifty Ended with a positive close

Nifty Technical analysis – Ended the day in a Positive mood

By Trading Predator March 1st, 2016 No Comments

Market’s mood was absolutely bullish and buying pressure dominated the intraday price action in nifty and sensex. Nifty rose 235.25 points or 3.4% and closed at 7225.00; Sensex gained 777 points, posting its biggest single day rally in 7 years. As I pointed out in my yesterday’s analysis, Nifty’s opening price action was an interesting

False breakouts

Price action Patterns | False Breakouts or Breakout failures

By Trading Predator March 1st, 2016 No Comments

When most traders think of breakout trades, they think of big, dramatic winning trades. However, the trader actually trading breakouts quickly comes face-to-face with a harsh reality: false breakouts are more common than winning breakouts. This doesn’t means breakout trading concept is failure, and it is worthwhile to attempt breakout trades because exceptional reward/risk ratios

Nifty Price action technical analysis

Nifty Technical analysis – Post Budget Intraday Price action

By Trading Predator February 29th, 2016 No Comments

Post Budget session, the sensex ended in red. The sensex ended 152 points lower at 23,000 and. Selling pressure was seen across the sectors. Looks like Market couldn’t digest the budget reports. It is also interesting to note that sensex went into budget with worst monthly performance, since last 7 years. Tomorrow’s opening price action

USD-INR Technical analysis

USD/INR Technical analysis – Price action testing important support levels

By Trading Predator February 25th, 2016 No Comments

The Indian Rupee is one of the worst performers in Asian currency this calendar year with recording depreciation of 3.55%. It is attributed to over-supply of Bonds and increasing government deficit. Macro economic factors and global uncertainty is casting a shadow on INR and influencing bearish sentiment. Read About USD/INR Long term analysis here… Price