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Trend Trading pattern

The Fundamental Trend Trading Pattern

By Trading Predator January 20th, 2016 No Comments

Market movements can create a bewildering number of patterns and variations of patterns. Simple structures take on different meanings depending on context, and patterns sometimes develop and resolve in unexpected ways. Let us turn our attention to a simple, robust framework that focuses on the fundamental trend trading pattern created by price action. New to

Trading style

Four different types of Trading style based on Wyckoff cycle

By Trading Predator January 19th, 2016 No Comments

Richard Wyckoff’s market cycle laid the foundation for a simple categorization of technical trades into four categories. There are two trend trades: trend trading and counter trend trading, and two support and resistance trades: level holding and level failing. Though this may seem like a useless classification system, it is not. Every technical trade and

Nifty Price action technical analysis

Nifty Short term Technical analysis EOD – January 18, 2016

By Trading Predator January 18th, 2016 No Comments

Price action is getting trickier in Nifty and becoming harder to extract the information. This seems like the game of algorithms to trap the bulls. Back in my institutional days, we call these kind of movements as “pool hunting”. As the name implies, these price action moves happen in order to trick smart traders into

Nifty Price action Technical analysis

Nifty Technical Analysis – Buying pressure holding the clutch at 7450.00

By Trading Predator January 14th, 2016 No Comments

Chart illustrates some of my observation, which is marked by numbers. As some of my clients already know that, Nifty is in a Long term bearish corrective structure. This Price action analysis represents the short-term development of nifty in 1 hr chart, especially around structural level 7450.00. It’s also my first technical analysis update in

Intermarket analysis

Introduction to Intermarket Analysis

By Trading Predator January 14th, 2016 1 Comment

The basic premise of Intermarket analysis is that all markets are related. In other words, what happens in one market has an effect on another. On a macro level, the four interrelated markets are the commodity, currency, bond, and stock markets. Institutional traders have long understood the impact of interest rates on stocks, for example.