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A valid technical breakout at support level 1310.57

Gold Traders – It’s better to wait for a retest or a correction

By Trading Predator October 11th, 2016 No Comments

Beginning of October resulted on sharp sell off in Gold price action. The prime movers of market sentiment are FED, US Elections and Global monetary policy conditions. Rise in interest rates and absence of inflation are negative factors for gold. With FED rate hike prospects gaining strong influence, gold tumbled as a consequence. Price Action


Crude Oil | Market on toes – Price Action testing important resistance levels

By Trading Predator October 10th, 2016 No Comments

Fundamental Outlook of Crude Oil prices Prices surged higher ever since OPEC members surprised the market last month by agreeing over a proposed production freeze. A framework to cut production levels for the first time in 8 years hit the markets by wonder and surprise. As a result Crude oil rallied from 42.60 to 50.70

Expect A Price action trading setup in Copper MCX

Copper | Look for a Price Action Setup on the Range

By Trading Predator October 6th, 2016 No Comments

September was obviously a good month for Copper. The Industrial metal outperformed its counterpart commodities. Price action is driven by infrastructure requirements, especially the construction demands of china. China is a big motivator of Copper prices, the metal correlates with Chinese economy. From the perspective of MCX, copper trading around 329.15 to 321.00. There is


SBI Share Price Action Testing the Conviction of Buyers

By Trading Predator October 5th, 2016 No Comments

SBI Share prices are in uptrend since from March, Market rallied from 150.00 to 270.00 over the horizon of 7 months. Currently the price value stands at 263.00 per share. Recent RBI rate cut is a positive reason for banks, as lending grows due to lower interest rates. Merger proposal by SBI to merge six

Bank Nifty Price action trading strategy

Bank Nifty Trading | A shift in Uptrend Price Action behavior

By Trading Predator October 4th, 2016 No Comments

All eyes rest squarely on monetary policy of RBI and Political tensions over disputed border of Kashmir, Market participants are not clear what to expect from financial markets. While everyone is busy speculating about RBI rate cuts and its possible impact on Price action of Nifty and Bank Nifty, My focus is in the chart