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Look for price action trading setup near structural support

Gold Price action | Look for Trading setup near Structural support line

By Trading Predator June 27th, 2017 No Comments

The precious metal is trading in a channel since Feb 2017, I have updated many times about the Market structure in previous articles. Prices are trading in a channel – which means prices are fluctuating in both directions, there’s a good two-way business taking place. Gold already offered multiple trading setups on both Higher and

Talwalkar stock prices trading in a channel

Talwalkar Shares might have increased Your Returns By 25%

By Trading Predator June 23rd, 2017 No Comments

If you’re keeping an eye on fitness-health stocks, you might have noticed that Talwalkars Better Value Fitness, which is a fitness firm with a group of gyms have surpassed Sensex. Benchmark index (BSE Sensex) has gained 16.49% in past 12 month’s period, whereas Talwalkar shares advanced almost 31% in this period. The fitness firm reported

Spicejet share prices gained almost 100% this FY

Domestic Airline stocks are Higher, Sector is in Limelight

By Trading Predator June 21st, 2017 No Comments

Last year, 86.69 lacs passengers on average boarded domestic flights. This year 101.74 lacs passengers boarded flights, it’s almost 17.36% jump over last year. With such an increase in turnover, domestic airline companies are getting all limelight. Stock values of domestic airline firms and other companies associated with domestic airline sector are seeing good results.

Crude Oil Price action trading within long term range, now moving towards support level

Crude Oil Trading near 43.50 Support zone, Watch the Price action

By Trading Predator June 17th, 2017 No Comments

Despite catchy news events and geopolitical fears, Crude oil hasn’t changed much. Prices are still trading inside long-term range (which is clearly visible on daily chart), Uncertainty is reigning supreme in oil prices, and Market sentiment has turned more neutral. It’s obvious to note that market prices have found temporary equilibrium at 50.00$ per barrel.

Copper Price action breakout from the Price channel

Copper – Does it mean higher prices or another trap?

By Trading Predator June 12th, 2017 No Comments

Since Gold, Silver and crude oil is stealing the spot light while Copper is neglected by Traders and Investors! Another reason is Prices are struck within the tight range of 2.75 – 2.45 (It’s clear on Weekly chart), without much movement it’s not getting traders attention. Despite the weakness of US dollar (DXY) during the