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Hi, I am a Professional Prop Trader and Speculator. I’ve worked in some popular prop trading companies, management firms-handled hundreds of different portfolios in dealing desks. After getting tired of highly competitive Institutional trading and workloads, I left the job – Now I work as an individual Trader, who makes a living out of speculation from the comfort of my small scale office.Apart from trading, I have a strong passion in the finance industry, along with quest for knowledge and desire for blogging. I understand what normal traders go through to achieve their goal of making money in financial markets, which in turn inspired me to create this informative website. I am a strong supporter of individual traders and want to help them trade like a professional in possible ways. I believe that, my decades of trading experience would provide serious foundation and value on your path to become a successful trader.

In Tradingcoach, I offer multiple ways to achieve your goal of becoming a profitable trader- which includes writing articles, sharing my trading strategies, approaches etc. This website would act like your day to day companion in navigating the depths of financial markets. The main aim of Tradingcoach is to make you think like a Market professional and trade like a Market predator™!!


    Unlike other technical courses, this practical mentoring course covers the essential aspect of Real life trading and challenges faced by traders in the path. Traders do not have to know everything.

    But they need to have most important and real knowledge about Market dynamics, Price action and behavioral structure in order to be a profitable trader.

    To Trade like a professional or to make money in financial markets, you need to think and act like a market predator. This Course offers most simple and powerful trading strategies at your disposal, which I use in my day to day life of trading in stocks, commodities, futures on both Indian and global markets. You can trade any market or time frames and modify the strategies as per your needs. In short this trading course will help you achieve your goal in simple and consistent manner.