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Gold sentiment can change and Price action might trend

Its Time to keep an eye on Gold’s Price action – Here’s why !

By Trading Predator February 7th, 2018 No Comments

From Dec 2017 to date, Gold prices gained almost 12% so far. In the current scenario, when we look at the 4h Chart of Gold (International Spot prices), price movements are struck in the range of 1365 – 1325. Based on chart reading we can assume that both Buying and selling pressure is almost symmetric.

A valid technical breakout at support level 1310.57

Gold Traders – It’s better to wait for a retest or a correction

By Trading Predator October 11th, 2016 No Comments

Beginning of October resulted on sharp sell off in Gold price action. The prime movers of market sentiment are FED, US Elections and Global monetary policy conditions. Rise in interest rates and absence of inflation are negative factors for gold. With FED rate hike prospects gaining strong influence, gold tumbled as a consequence. Price Action