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Crude Oil Price action trading near Resistance zone, Obstacle for Bulls

Crude Oil Price action – Peak Resistance zone is an Obstacle for Bulls

By Trading Predator April 11th, 2018 No Comments

After constantly trending upside for nearly a Year, Crude Oil prices are witnessing volatility and sideways Price action. Trend has terminated into sideways or Range bound. We can clearly see a range bound market structure on Daily chart spanning since Feb 2018. Trend trading strategies which were performing better in the trend structure is no

Crude Oil Price action trading within long term range, now moving towards support level

Crude Oil Trading near 43.50 Support zone, Watch the Price action

By Trading Predator June 17th, 2017 No Comments

Despite catchy news events and geopolitical fears, Crude oil hasn’t changed much. Prices are still trading inside long-term range (which is clearly visible on daily chart), Uncertainty is reigning supreme in oil prices, and Market sentiment has turned more neutral. It’s obvious to note that market prices have found temporary equilibrium at 50.00$ per barrel.

Prices struck in a long range and trapped many traders

Crude oil – What’s next after Breakout Failure?

By Trading Predator March 29th, 2017 No Comments

So far Speculative positions are driving Crude Oil Price action, especially preceding the breakout failure around 51.50. From the beginning of 2017, Bulls tried to pass through the resistance level 51.50. Several data from media outlets, news portals kept blubbering about large chunks of bullish positioning by big funds. On the other hand, optimistic production

A Price action trading Setup in Crude Oil Mcx

Crude Oil is trading at an Inflection point on Daily chart

By Trading Predator February 7th, 2017 No Comments

Crude Oil can offer a Price action trading setup as it edges near the Inflection point at 55.00. Inflection point or Decision Point is a Potential support or resistance level which can shape the entire Market structure and direction in coming days. Identifying such Inflection points requires skill and patience of a Price action trader.

Crude Oil Price action discounted the OPEC news

Is Oil Prices Setting stage for a Retreat in 2017 ?

By Trading Predator December 9th, 2016 No Comments

OPEC producers, despite the obstacles agreed to limit the crude oil production and the oil prices sustained. Now the Question is “Will the OPEC Decision stabilize oil prices in 2017?” Morgan Stanley forecasts rise in the U.S. shale drilling and investment from Asia to the North Sea limiting oil’s upside while Goldman Sachs Group Inc